Windows 8 App Store Leaks, Again

As suspected, the existence of a built-in Windows application store for Windows 8 has finally been uncovered. Fake or real?

Windows 8 App Store – Fake AGAIN?

Last time when some Windows 8 app store screenshots leaked, we quickly figured out that they were fake. So now that we hear about it again, be warned that you should take it all with a healthy dosage of salt.

According to, the store was discovered to be buried within the system folders latest leaked build of Windows 8 (Milestone 3). They said that the store will have a runtime module, a service and a licensing client. Pretty straight forward structure for this kind of a feature if you ask me.

Windows 8 App Store Logo

Last time when we had the screenshots to look at, they were proven to be fruits of Chinese third-party developer labor. This time around, there are no fancy screenshots of the Windows 8 app store, only a logo leaked.

The logo seems to be inspired by the Metro UI, which we already know is pretty much the base theme of Windows 8. It is definitely based on the Windows Phone 7’s design principles.

Windows 8 Apps Straight From The Cloud(s)

According to WinRumors, it is quite likely that the new store will simply be called Windows store instead of Windows App Store, which would make it sounds too close to the Apple iTunes App Store.

The service will be HTML5 based in all likelihood and pull the content from the cloud. Mostly likely from Microsoft’s recently launched Azure service, adds MSWin. They also found a way in to the store via the ever-hackable Windows registry.

Most are in consensus that the store will contain both paid and free apps.

Published: Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 Last Modified: May 4, 2011

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