Windows 8 And Microsoft To Compete With Apple By Going For High-End Users

High End Windows 8 Devices

Luxury products to be the name of the game for Microsoft. Apparently, some luxury Windows 8 devices will cost quite a lot.

Quality of quantity – that’s the focus for Microsoft. And they seemed to be doing so, launching luxury Windows 8 tablets

The claims were made by Acer, who said the first wave of Windows 8 tablets – expected to arrive around from Microsoft by October – will be quality luxury products aimed at Apple’s core market. The iPhone creator has consistently owned the high-end market.

Those devices will launch in North America, one of Microsoft’s biggest markets, and will be the key to whether Microsoft’s luxury strategy succeeds. The high pricing, Acer chairman JT Wang says, it because PC sales are falling in the low- and mid-end market due to the recession. And honestly, even if PC sales were growing Microsoft can’t ignore the tablet market. The iPad hasn’t been a fluke across three years: it’s a great way to consume content in a light form factor. Windows 8 could increase demands for PCs, though, when it launches.

Wang added Windows 8 has to be as successful as Apple in the high-end market to gain consumer mindshare. Despite statistics claiming Android is the most popular smartphone operating system, I think asking consumers on the street about their preferred operating system will result in one product: iPhones. Apple’s consumer-friendly UI is much easier to use, a quality Metro shares.

Wide Range of Windows 8 Products

Despite that, Acer has introduced two tablets, two ultrabooks and two hybrid PCs at the Computex tech conference this week. OEMs are making a big push with ultrabooks, which are lighter than PCs but offer a greater functionality than tablets. The question is whether the volume of ultrabooks will saturate the market. I feel to be successful, Microsoft needs to present clear choices from launch. That’s what they did with Windows Phone.

Windows 8 was praised by Wang as unique, and said it enhances user experience and creativity. While I disagree, he said that’s down to the ability to switch between the desktop and Metro side of the OS. I think that’s fine on a laptop or PC, but Microsoft has to find some way of making it work on a tablet. The Windows 8 Release Preview is available now to download, free.

Published: Thursday, June 7th, 2012 Last Modified: June 7, 2012

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