Windows 8 Adds New Boot Options and Sleek User Interface

Microsoft has taken a step forward in making the Windows 8 booting experience more visually pleasing. No more scrolling white text over a black screen during boot.

New Windows 8 Boot Options

Now you get to have some Metro style UI during the boot as well…

Microsoft has made Windows 8 booting times amazingly fast and in certain situations it even boots up in under 7 seconds. But what will that process look like? Well, from the POST (Power On Self Test) stage to when the OS actually boots in to your system, you will see a nice, high-resolution logo of your manufacturer. This will be followed by a Metro style screen offering you boot options if you have a multiple OS’ installed. This will be followed by a brief Windows Logo post which you will land up in your login screen or directly on your desktop depending on how your have configured your login process.

Hence, the new boot process essentially hides one process going in to the other and gives you a seamless view of it. This in fact will put a lot of novice users at rest because watching white text on black speeding by can be pretty daunting for people who have no idea what a Command Line Interface is.

Boot Options Will Still Be Available

Even though the booting process is now better looking, it has not sacrificed any of the booting options. You will still get to choose between several options during boot time. However, all of these options will be presented in a neat, Metro style UI.

The experience will remain consistent through several different types of booting. Like even if you are booting from an USB key, you will not have to delve deep in to your firmware to enable the option. You can still be on the clean and easily comprehensible UI and boot from the USB key. For more details, watch the official video below.

Published: Saturday, September 24th, 2011 Last Modified: September 24, 2011

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