Windows 8.1 Updates Mail, Calendar and People Apps

This past week, Microsoft updated a bunch of their core apps for Windows 8.1 users, and the updates are very noticeable. The updates to the Mail, Calendar, and People apps went like on the Windows store, and the amount of new features should keep users very happy.

The number of vastly improved updates to these core apps will make Windows 8.1 users more productive in their daily lives. Between new features and bug fixes, the three core Windows 8.1 apps will see new users using them more and more as Windows 8.1 evolves from Microsoft.

Windows 8.1 Core Apps Get Major Updates From Microsoft

Mail Gets Major Updates & Fixes

The Mail application for Windows 8.1 got the largest amount of updates and new features in this latest release. Users can see all the messages from all of their favorite people, organize their social updates, organize their newsletters, and most importantly sweep away their inbox to keep it more organized and clutter free.

Other improvements include adding flags to organize messages, using checkboxes to select messages, searching across folders, and the ability to write messages without having to exit your inbox. The drag and drop method of moving messages into folders has come back as well for those whom have gotten used to that in the past in their Mail application.

Adding Photos and Calendar App Gets Much Desired Updates In Windows 8.1

Calendar and People App Updates

The Calendar app got a few new updates that allows users to view their schedules in a Whats Next view. Additionally, users can jump to dates via a date picker, edit responses to various invitations they receive before sending them out, and adding events to their week view of their upcoming calendars.

The People app within Windows 8.1 got the least amount of updates but still got some new features. Users will be able to add custom pictures for their contacts. Also, users can search and browse for contacts faster than ever before using Windows 8.1. For users who have lots of contacts, the ability to view their pictures and pick them quickly will be a much beloved feature.

I use Windows 8.1 daily, and have already downloaded these updates. It makes a huge difference, and I’m glad Microsoft fixed these quickly, and gives users updates quickly too.

Published: Sunday, November 24th, 2013 Last Modified: November 24, 2013

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