Windows 8.1 Update Rolls Out To Users

As Windows continues to evolve on the desktop and tablets, Windows 8.1 has gotten a lot of tweaks and updates. On Tuesday, Microsoft officially rolled out the Windows 8.1 Update on its servers for download, and the updates should give users more of the classic Windows feel and charm.

With the free update from Microsoft, the company addressed a number of issues that users were desiring. The update is available for all Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows RT 8.1 and other Windows devices, and by checking the Windows Store will enable the download from Microsoft.

Microsoft Returns Search And Power Buttons On The Start Screen

Power and Search Buttons Return

The first thing that Windows users will notice with the Windows 8.1 Update is the return of the power and search button on the Start screen. This has been one of the biggest wants from users, and now Windows will let users click on the shutdown and search button near their picture on the Start screen.

Users will be able to shut down their PC’s using the power button in the charms menu, and then will be able to additionally sleep, hibernate, and search on their Windows machines. The simple addition of these updates are a simple addition, but give users the simple features that Windows has been missing.

Microsoft Delivers Context Menus With A Right-Click In Windows 8.1 Update

Other Windows Improvements

Desktop apps and apps from the Windows Store will now be pinnable on the taskbar, which should be a huge help. The taskbar will be accessible from anywhere with the move of the mouse pointer on the bottom edge of the screen. Also, users will be able to go to the desktop when they sign in, instead of the Start screen, a classic Windows move.

The mouse will be able to minimize, close, and address the taskbar with their mouse, and this will open more menus in apps. Users can right click on a tile, and a context menu will be able to be opened up. The Windows Store is pinned to the Start menu, new apps will appear on the bottom of the screen, and Windows 8.1 Update will give users more features than ever.

This is a must download from Microsoft. It adds what users want, and gives them their Windows back.

Published: Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 Last Modified: April 9, 2014

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