Windows 8.1 Store Gets Major Overhaul For Users

Users with the Windows Store often have found it either very satisfying or confusing, for its usability and convienence. On Wednesday, Microsoft issued updates to the Windows 8.1 Store, and makes finding things in the store much easier, and with a whole new handsomer look.

By issuing an update to the Windows 8.1 store, Microsoft is showing users that they are listening, and wanting to make the store the home for Windows app, games, and more. The updates are live now, and feature a number of improvements that users will notice right away.

Microsoft Issues Updates To The Windows 8.1 Store

Major Updates To Store Made

With the updates to the Windows 8.1 Store, Microsoft made a number of changes that users will notice today. First, users will notice a persistent navigation bar with top charts, categories, and collections. Second, users will notice collection on the store landing page. Both of these visual changes will make it easier to find apps.

The other major changes make it easier to get multiple featured titles at your fingertips, or via the mouse pointer. Lastly, users can get once and download on all of their Windows devices. This will make it easier to get an app on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and Windows Phone at the same time.

Microsoft Highlights Windows and Windows Phone Compatibility With Apps In Windows Store

Changes Similar To Windows Phone

With the changes made to the Windows 8.1 Store, Microsoft brought the store to a close design spec of the Windows Phone store. Users will find the collections area very much like the Windows Phone companion. It brings collections of social, games, indie games, and other types of apps together, versus spread apart on your computer.

With those updates, and Microsoft highlighting the apps that work only on Windows desktops and Windows Phones, it shows which apps will work on the phone, desktop, and other devices. Microsoft by doing this will be able to tie-in the Windows Phone apps to the Windows 8.1 Store, and make users happier in finding apps. Some of these changes might seem little to some, but for those users who spend hours in the Windows Stores, it makes a huge difference.

Microsoft did a good job in updating the Windows Store. It needs to compete against Apple and Google, and is slowly doing it with these updates.

Published: Thursday, May 15th, 2014 Last Modified: May 15, 2014

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