Windows 8.1 Shipping To OEM’s At End of August

On Monday, Microsoft gave computer users and computer manufacturers the news that they have been craving for in regards to the Windows 8.1 release. The blog post by Microosft detailed when the release date for the upcoming Windows 8.1 would be given to computer makers.

The end of August release date by Microsoft will give computer makers enough time to load Windows 8.1 on computers for the upcoming school and holiday season. The news gives computer makers the news they need to start selling more Windows 8 machines with the latest Windows 8.1 injection in the machine.


RTM Timeframe Announced at Partner Conference

At the Windows Partner Conference, Tami Teller, the Windows Chief of Microsoft, announced the release of the Windows 8.1 date. With this announcement and timing, Microsoft partners are gathered to discuss the latest in Windows technology, software updates, and hardware improvements. This makes a perfect timing for the makers of computers to give their customers the computers they have been wanting.

Over 100 million licensed sold

Tami Reller at the Windows Partner Conference reiterated that Windows 8 had over 100 million licenses sold and is becoming a huge hit for consumers. With over 20 million enterprise evaluations currently, Windows 8 has been given over 60 billion hours of usage by business customers. This is huge news for enterprise customers as they ponder the migration to Windows 8 in their companies.

Windows 8.1 Refining Vision of Windows 8

The announcement concerning the RTM dates for Windows 8.1 to manufacturers further shows the vision of Microsoft for Windows 8.1. The goal is to give consumers better functionality, give them better searching options including ones with SkyDrive, Bing Searches, the return of the start button, and many other features that are included in Windows 8.1.

The overall presentation by Microsoft at the Windows Partners Conference gives partners the news that they desired and a timeframe they can use. By giving them the tools for holiday sales, it gives computer makers the ability to include Windows 8.1 on these machines and gives consumers the computers that they will buy this holiday season. This will hopefully give Windows 8 the boost this holiday season that it needs to sell well around the globe.

Published: Tuesday, July 9th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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