Windows 8.1 Shipped To Manufacturers For October 17th Release

On Monday, the final bits of the Microsoft Windows 8.1 were finalized and in process to be released to manufacturers. This final stamp of approval by Microsoft, is the finalized version of the newest Windows update that should help users want to switch to Windows 8.

The finalized version of the RTM released, code named 9600.16384.130821-1623 by Microsoft and blogger Paul Thurrott, is the finalized RTM version of the software. With other bloggers mentioning it as well, various other sources have confirmed that this is the version that computer makers will start testing.


Will Windows 8.1 Help?

Now that manufacturers and computer hardware makers have the official Windows 8.1 RTM in their hands, they can test it on upcoming hardware. Whether it be laptops, tablets, desktops or more, makers can see how to tweak their hardware to make Windows 8.1 more user friendly. Users should see vast improvements with this upgrade as earlier posts mention.

No Early Releases Mentioned

With any major software update, occasionally bits are released to developers early, but this release by Microsoft seems to be tightly held. It appears according to other bloggers who follow Microsoft, that the company will tightly hold onto the code until the October 18th release, and not release it via their TechNet or MSDN channels as they have in the past. They want to be in control, and will be via this method.

Windows 8.1 Improvements Noted

As we have mentioned, Windows 8.1 will bring back a Start Button, a boot to desktop option for consumers to avoid the metro screen, an ability to unpin all metro apps, a better Microsoft Store, and integrating Bing and SkyDrive deeper into the interface. All of these should make consumers more likely to buy Windows 8.1 come end of October, and give them a workable operating system.

The word of the RTM release is huge for Microsoft and Windows. It is the final version, and now it is up to computer makers to transform it into devices that consumers and enterprise customers will love. It will be interesting to see the hardware that is optimized for Windows 8.1, and whether it is adopted quickly or not.

Published: Thursday, August 29th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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