Windows 8.1 Security Detailed at Blackhat Conference

The latest security enhancements to Windows 8.1 were on display at the latest security conference in Las Vegas, known as Blackhat. The conference brings together leading hackers and computer security experts, and brought out how many more security enhancements have been made to Windows 8.1.

The details on the Windows 8.1 improvements proved quite amazing in numbers, and Microsoft officials discussed the changes at the conference. Both hardware and software changes were noted to security attendees, and those are aiming to make Windows 8.1 more secure than ever.

Microsoft Shares Windows 8.1 Security Details At Black Hat Conference

Trustworthy Hardware

One of the first security highlights was centered around trustworthy hardware. The trusted platform module within Windows 8.1 devices will make sure that devices work on Windows 8.1 and that they are secure. This ideally will be a hardware based chip that will be installed in new Windows 8.1 devices, and will make sure devices remain secure when using Windows 8.1 on them.

Modern Access Control

With Windows 8.1, biometrics have been added for security. A full fingerprint can be setup to restrict access or more to secure their workstation. In addition, multi factor authentication has been built into bring your own devices, and they will make a network more secure using it. The PKI, or public key instrastructures have also been upgraded to make sure security certificates are valid and are valid.

Data and Malware Adjustments

The last bit of security news surrounding Windows 8.1 was about sensitive data and malware resistance. With Windows 8.1, device encryption is available on all devices, and IT departments can wipe corporate data on a BYOD device, and not remove any personal data. Also, Windows Defender has been improved to work better. Internet Explorer has also been beefed up to be mores secure with extension improvements and protection modes in the browser.

All of these security announcements were highly important to security experts in IT fields since they will make Windows 8.1 that more important in the enterprise set. These vast numbers of improvements show that Microsoft is caring about security, and making Windows 8.1 even more secure than ever before. This should improve enterprise installations of Windows 8.1 and give users a better sense of security using it.

Published: Monday, August 5th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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