Windows 8.1 Preview Updates Go Live To Users Today

The recent updates to Windows 8.1 went live to customers around the globe, and these updates should give users who are testing the latest Microsoft operating system more stability and safety with their OS.

These updates to the preview show that Microsoft is watching out for its users, and watching out for Windows 8.1 The fixes and batches of fixes to Windows 8.1 by Microsoft Preview were pushed to users on Tuesday and Wednesday. These fixes also are included in the Surface RT 8.1 Preview, and cover a number of widely reported bugs that users have reported to Microsoft in testing the latest updates to Windows.

Microsoft Releases Five Updates to its Windows 8.1 Preview for Users

Five Fixes Released: One Important: 4 Recommended

The most important fix released by Microsoft on their Windows 8.1 update is labeled KB2868208m which fixes a bug with Windows apps that use scrolling ListView controls in the OS. It has been reported by ZDNet and others, that the Windows 8 Twitter app was the app showing the most improvements after the fixes have been applied. This important fix also covers a variety of third-party apps for the OS, which include AVG Internet Security 2013 and an old version of Parallels Desktop.

Four Recommended Fixes Included

The four different “Recommended” fixes in the release cover various fixes in the Windows 8.1 Preview. They cover the SSO sign-on for VPN connections, repeatedly offered updates for a non present device, ListView not scrolling smoothly, and lastly updates to the file search experience with SkyDrive.

Updates Installed Automatically

These five updates to the Windows 8.1 Preview should be installed automatically according to various reports and from reports of users who have installed them. Users can update them via the Windows 8 PC Settings or desktop control panel according to Ed Bott at ZDNet. These updates show that Microsoft is paying attention to its release of Windows 8.1 very carefully.

These updates to Windows 8.1 are very important for Microsoft. They show that the company wants to deliver a solid release later this year, and listens to its early adopters who have downloaded and are trying that latest Windows 8.1 Preview for their systems and RT devices. This fares well for Microsoft as they roll out Windows 8.1 this year.

Published: Friday, July 19th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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