Windows 8.1 Plus Universal Apps Plus Touch For Office Oh My

During its Build conference in San Francisco, the news from Microsoft went on a continuous cycle and its hard to keep up with all the goodness. During the show, Microsoft finally announced the release of Windows 8.1 Update 1, a new universal app plan, and showed off the touch version of Office.

Having just one main announcement is one thing, but having three major ones plus the Windows Phone 8.1 release made Build a must see conference. These updates surrounding Windows, Office, and apps though will make Windows and computing amazing with its new technologies included.

Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8.1 Update For The First Time At Build

Windows 8.1 Update

By far the biggest update was the official word and showing off of the Windows 8.1 update from Microsoft. Microsoft showed off its improvements for business customers, but also showed off a new way to get to programs. Power and search buttons appears in the upper right corner plus shut down options acppear on the start screen.

Along with these updates, Microsoft introduced new mouse and keyboard options for Windows 8.1. Close and minimize buttons appear when the mouse moves to the top of the screen, and a mini menu appears within windows. Browsing on devices will be much easier as well, plus Windows will be available for low cost devices. It will roll out April 8th via the Windows Store.

Microsoft Gives Developers A Unified App Building Code

Universal Apps Plus Touch Office

For its developers, Microsoft announced that apps can now be written once for all the Windows platforms including Xbox One. The new platform for building apps is built to give developers a single platform for developing and writing apps, and updated its Visual Studio to show off how easy it is to get started.

Also, if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft also finally showed off its touch version of Microsoft Office, codenamed Gemini. The touch version of Office is still in beta form, and Microsoft showed it off for roughly a few minutes. It won’t be available for release to touch users for a while, but gives touch fans an exciting way to look at Windows and Office for sure.

These announcements were what Microsoft users wanted. New updates, universal apps, and a possible Office for touch devices, oh my.

Published: Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 Last Modified: April 3, 2014

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