Windows 8.1 Gains More Than 50% Marketshare

Windows 8.1 has been gaining on with users, and as it has, it has brought a number of new Windows Phones from Microsoft’s Windows Phone partners as well. Like any mobile operating system though, changes take time and users do as well. News on Thursday, revealed that Windows 8.1 is actually gaining on with users, and with big time engagement.

The report, revealed by AdDuplex, revealed the number of installs with Windows Phone 8.1 versus Windows 8, and the market share it currently has with their metrics. The numbers show that with Windows Phone users, the newer Windows Phone 8.1 is getting a lot of traction, and users are wanting to update to the newest Windows Phone OS from Microsoft.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 Is Gaining Users And Traction

More Than 50% Marketshare

The news from AdDuplex, shows that more than 50% of all Windows Phone usage in November, came from Windows 8.1. This is an increase from October, when the numbers detailed a 46.7 percent of the market. This is showing that Windows 8.1 with Cortana and the updates, and getting users attention on Windows Phone.

Windows 8 still has a large percentage of Windows Phone users though, with an estimated 33.5 percent of Windows Phones. Many, including Microsoft, expect this number to decrease over time, as manufacturers come out with newer phones, and issue updates. But, this does show that Windows 8.1 is gaining and gaining quickly.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 By Manufacturers

Windows Phone By Manufacturers

The other numbers in the report are from the Windows Phone manufacturing side, as they show that Nokia aka Microsoft still control the market. An estimated 95 percent of the Windows Phone 8 manfacturers are from Nokia/Microsoft, with HTC, Samsung, Huawei, and others making up the remaining 5 percent of Windows Phone manufacturers.

This is interesting as Windows Phone has taken on a number of new partners, and these numbers should shift in the future. HTC for example is one of them, and their new HTC Windows Phone is priced nicely, and should give users a great bargain for the holidays. Windows Phone though is still a Nokia aka Microsoft world.

Windows Phone 8.1 is gaining and that is good. It’s also a Microsoft project, and one they need othes to grasp soon.

Published: Saturday, November 29th, 2014 Last Modified: November 29, 2014

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