Windows 8.1 Details: Return Of The Start Button

At the worlds’ second largest computer show in Taipei, Microsoft has announced details of the latest updates to their touch-enabled Windows 8 operating systems which bring will back the start button.

Microsoft announce Windows 8.1 at Taipei Computer Show

Chief financial and marketing officer of the company’s Windows Division Tami Reller , has announced that that the new Windows 8.1 operating system will be released for both PCs and tablet towards the end of the year.

The Windows 8 system has only received lukewarm reviews and Tami Reller says that the 8.1 update aims to address many of these by taking into account feedback from consumers.

“Windows 8.1 furthers the bold vision of Windows 8 by responding to customer feedback and adding new features and functionality that advance the touch experience and mobile computing’s potential,” she said.

Bring me back to the start. Start button is to be reintegrated into the updated operating system

What was hoped for by many has been confirmed and the start button function that was taken out of the original Windows 8 operating system has returned. This will please many who feel it was inexplicable to leave it out in the first place. There are also numerous enhancements in platform personalization and search. Other changes include greater SkyDrive integration.

PC sales are falling as more and more consumers start to use Tablets and smartphones so it was imperative that Microsoft concentrating on a touch enabled operating system and while some teething problems were of course expected many commentators have noted a lot of the problems were of Microsoft’s own making.

Microsoft hope to increase number of Windows 8 users with new upgrade

Tablets featuring Windows 8 have only a four per cent market share trailing badly behind industry staple and leader Apple. Microsoft are hoping that by responding to consumer primary concerns and addressing them with this latest update to Windows 8.1 they might see and greater increase in sales of Windows 8 tablets. It must be noted that Windows 8 tablets are still new to the market with the first becoming available seven months ago.

The cycle continues?

The poor showing of Windows 8 has proven to continue the trend of Microsoft struggling to follow up their operating systems that have proved successful. While Windows 95 proved massively popular, Windows 98 was less so. Windows XP was a massive success for the company but Windows Vista was hailed as a disaster. Windows 7 proved to be a good operating system and getting Microsoft back on track and the jury is now out on Windows 8.

With this update to Windows 8.1 Microsoft will be hoping for a fresh start and to get people more comfortable with Windows 8 as their platform of choice across all their devices.

Published: Monday, June 3rd, 2013 Last Modified: June 6, 2013

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