Windows 8.1 Available For Download

Last Thursday was the big day for Windows users as at 4am PST, Windows 8.1 became available from Microsoft to download and update on users computers.

The download which addresses many of the Windows 8 issues, was a huge hit on Microsoft’s servers, and a relatively huge hit worldwide.

As the Windows 8.1 bytes became live on the Microsoft website and it’s worldwide update sites, users were feverishly downloading it and updating their systems. The improvements will be very noticeable to many, and hopefully address many of the concerns of Windows 8 for some.

Windows 8.1 Is Available For Users From Microsoft

Cost and Downloading

Windows 8.1 is available in download and DVD formats if users choose to download it or purchase it in their local retailer. It is available for $120 for the standard version or $200 for Windows 8.1 Pro. The full version is able to be installed on any version of Windows and doesn’t require a previous version of Windows to be installed.

Current users of Windows 8 will be able to head to the Windows Store and download it immediately and start applying the software to their systems. The updated Windows 8.1 can be downloaded as a rather large file and then installed on systems of relatively recent configuration. Users shouldn’t lose much data with the installation, and most users have seen relatively quick installation times of Windows 8.1 on their systems.

Windows 8.1 Launches Worldwide From Microsoft On Thursday

Features Of Windows 8.1

Some of most glaring features of Windows 8.1 are cosmetic features, but ones that make a huge difference. The Start button has returned for users in Windows 8.1, as a Start icon is affixed to the lower-left corner of the screen. With this and the ever popular boot-to-desktop feature, users can go directly to the desktop features of Windows without having to see the tiled interface.

Lock screens and personalization options are also available in Windows 8.1. Users can run slideshows, have photos appear via their collections, have resizable tiles and more. In addition, user can tile multiple windows side by side, and multitask easier. The search interface now includes SkyDrive and more enhanced Bing integration as well. On screen keyboards, better SkyDrive integration, and a better Windows Store tops it all.

The day is here, and users will try Windows 8.1 and see if they like it. It should be a hit, and seeing as servers were slammed on Thursday, it should be a worldwide hit as well.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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