Windows 8.1 August Update Available To Download

As much has been talked about with Microsoft, the latest fix for Windows 8.1 has hit the servers, and is available for download. The new Windows 8.1 August update has a number of features built-in, and should be a needed download for all types of users, from simple to advanced.

The download is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and is available for Windows 8.1. The update is part of Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday update, and is a manual install for most users. It’s more a behind the scenes update, but if you have Windows 8.1, it should be downloaded right away.

Microsoft Updates Precision Touchpad With Windows 8.1 Update

What’s Inside?

The Windows 8.1 August Update has a number of features that users will enjoy. The first update is the precision touchpad improvements bundled within it. The new end-user settings have three new features that include: leave touch pad on when a mouse is connected; allow right-clicks on the touchpad; double-tap and drag.

Additionally, Miracast Receive has been added, and shows off a set of Wi-Fi direct API’s for hardware vendors. This is definitely an advanced item, and is aimed for developers to create apps that utilize computers to act as a Miracast receiver. It’s a set of updates that is more multimedia than others.

Microsoft Shows Off Miracast Update With Windows 8.1 August Update

SharePoint Online & Enterprise

The latest major update included is the minimization of log-in prompts for SharePoint Online. This will cut down on the amounts of SharePoint Online logins for enterprise uses, and allows users to stay logged into these types of sites. Enterprise users will find this very helpful, and should be a business hit.

This last improvement will make Windows 8.1 somewhat easier for enterprise users many hope. The SharePoint Online update will help enterprise users who use corporate sites, and those who use laptops for work will notice the touchpad improvements. Whether this is enough to capture the business market for Windows 8.1 is unsure, but every little bit helps with Windows 8.1 in this market many agree.

These Windows 8.1 August updates are nice but minimal for the everyday user. Most users won’t notice it, and it needs more to help out Windows 8.1.

Published: Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 Last Modified: August 13, 2014

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