Windows 7 Vista Theme (PDC)

There is a brand-new Windows 7 Theme available for Vista.
The theme uses some parts of the Windows 7 beta, hence it looks very promising.

You can install it on Vista SP1 x86 and supposedly on x64 systems.


Windows 7 Vista Theme


The changelog is pretty impressive:

  •  Taskbar buttons with shadow
  •  Size, Type, Name images
  •  Flashing button
  •  Favourite list text colour (black)
  •  Shellstyle
  •  Start menu margins
  •  Shell32.dll colour animation
  •  Added normal PDC taskbar
  •  Fixed the STREAM
  •  Variant
  •  Black text when windows are maximized
  •  Added Text Glow Ehen Windows are Maximized
  •  Start menu
  •  Taskbar images
  •  Hover images
  •  Copy-Paste animation
  •  Quick lunch hover images
  •  Updated taskbar buttons
  •  Added Normal Taskbar
  •  Added some x64 system files (but not the style)
  •  Fixed favorite links pane to look like Windows 7
  •  Added text glow on maximized windows
  •  Update the taskbar
  •  Update the taskbar buttons
  •  Redesigned the Aero Peek
  •  Added the PDC Orb
  •  Fixed start menu margins
  •  Added New Taskbar Buttons
  •  Strong and Clear Aero Borders (like in win7)
  •  Fixed Active and Inactive Borders (like in win7)
  •  Changed the Taskbar Buttons Colours (more smooth and glassy
  •  Redesigned the “Aero Peek” Button
  •  Changed the Min/Max/Close Buttons (Active and Inactive Mode)
  •  Added the Real Windows 7 Orb
  •  Real Windows 7 askbar Buttons
  •  Real Windows 7 Taskbar Size
  •  Fixed Tray Icons (Now they are centred)
  •  Fixed Basic Style
  •  Fixed Normal Taskbar Size
  •  Taskbar Style
  •  Group Taskbar Buttons
  •  STREAM image (again)


Download Windows 7 PDC Style

Published: Saturday, January 17th, 2009 Last Modified: June 18, 2009

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