Windows 7 Twilight Theme

Probably about 90% of our visitors are male and won’t need this Twilight Windows 7 Theme, but I thought I’d make something for our female readers who are in love with Edward Cullen. Of course, you can also download the desktop theme for your girlfriend and surprise her.

Twilight Windows 7 Theme

Update: Looking for a nice Twilight Breaking Dawn theme? Click here

The third part of the Twilight saga, Twilight Eclipse, won’t be in theaters until 30 June 2010 (USA). If you want to enjoy the Twilight world anyway, grab this Windows 7 theme or buy the soundtrack and the books.

50 Twilight HD Wallpaper

The Twilight theme includes 50 high-quality HD wallpapers:

Twilight HD Wallpapers

125 Twilight Icons

Also included are many desktop icons and icons for MySpace or Facebook.

Twilight Desktop Icons

Twilight Cursors

A cursor of Edward, Bella and Jacob:

Edward Twilight Cursor
Bella Twilight Cursor
JacobTwilight Cursor

Twilight Soundtrack (Short)

A short intro. Buy the full soundtrack here [audio:]

Download Twilight Theme for Windows 7

50 Twilight HD Wallpaper, 125 Twilight Icons, 3 Twilight Cursors + Twilight Soundtrack

Twilight theme for Windows 7

Download Windows 7 Twilight Theme

Twilight Store Widget

Published: Wednesday, December 30th, 2009 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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