Windows 7 Transformers Theme + Stylish Optimus Prime Orb

Transformers is a legendary comic book and a highly successful franchise with good movies and video games. If you’re a Transformers fan, grab the Transformers theme for Windows 7!

Transformers Windows Theme

If you want to ramp up your Windows 7 desktop, this theme is a great choice. Many stylish backgrounds, icons, sounds and Optimus Prime as a Start Orb!

Transformers Desktop Icons

Autobots vs. Decepticons:
Transformers Desktop Icons

Transformers Start Orb “Optimus Prime”

Who else could be the Start Orb guy other than Optimus Prime?
Transformers Start Orb

Transformers Wallpaper

The Transformers theme includes plenty of Windows 7 wallpaper for your desktop. If you’re a real fan of Transformers you’ll love the autobots and decepticons wallpaper!

Download Transformers Theme.

Transformers Themepack

Download Windows 7 Transformers Theme

If you have any ideas how to improve the Transformers Windows 7 theme, please post your suggestions below. An animated Optimus Prime might be something I’ll try to add.

Published: Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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