Windows 7 Themes With New Color Scheme For Each Wallpaper

Windows 7 themes can have multiple wallpapers, but only one color scheme. Here’s a tool that allows you to assign a new color scheme to each background of the theme.

rotate windows 7 themes color scheme

Windows 7 Color Changer: Assign Colors To Wallpapers

Windows 7 Color Changer
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Last Updated: 2011-12-21
Operating System: Windows 7/8
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1. Step Head over to Sourceforge to download W7CC (Windows 7 Color Changer)

2. Step After the installation wait a little. If it does not appear on the tray icon open it via your Start menu

3. Step You can now click on Open Image to add a first wallpaper

4. Step Click on Select color and pick a new color, you might have to look up some RGB color codes for the color that you want. There are various color picker online tools that can get the job done easily (e.g.

5. Step Finally, when you like the wallpaper and color, click on Save in selected

Windows 7 Themes with new color scheme

6. Step To add a new wallpaper, click on Add as new and select a new wallpaper via Open Image and a new color.

7. Step To apply a wallpaper and color scheme, hit the button SET/CHECK

8. Step W7CC allows you to change Windows 7 themes randomly or after a set time period. To change the settings, right-click on the tray-icon of the program and click on Options. Select Change theme … either Consistently or Random and enter the time in 15 minutes.

Published: Wednesday, December 21st, 2011 Last Modified: December 21, 2011

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