Windows 7 Theme For iPhone 3G / 4 (Download)

Windows Phone 7 Theme for iPhone Do you have an iPhone, but don’t want to miss the Windows look on your iPhone? Download some Windows 7 themes for your iPhone!

#1 Windows 7 Theme for iPhone “OS7”

How to install this Windows 7 theme:
0. You need a jailbroken Cydia iPhone with an internet connection to get this theme (or download it online and copy to your iPhone)
1. Step Grab a copy of Backboard via Cydia
2. Step Click on + at the bottom to create a backup of the default iPhone theme
3. Step Open safari on your iPhone and enter backboard://
4. Step When finished, you can select and install the Windows 7 theme within backboard (OS7)

If anyone gives this a try, post a screenshot please! It should look like this:

Windows 7 Theme for iPhone

#2 Windows 7 Theme For iPhone (Working Start Menu)

I also found this pretty awesome Windows 7 theme for the iPhone:

According to the author, this Windows 7 theme includes a working Start menu for your iPhone. To use this Windows 7 theme on your iPhone, you will also need to grab Cydia and install various items on the iPhone.

Secondly, you need to know how to SSH into your iPhone (very easy) and copy the theme files into the theme folder. The author underlines that your winterboard checklists needs to be exactly as seen in the video, so check out the video for more instructions.

Download Windows 7 Theme for iPhone

Do you know any other Windows 7 themes for the iPhone or the Android? Let us know.

Published: Thursday, February 17th, 2011 Last Modified: February 17, 2011

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