Windows 7 Service Pack 2 With Kinect Support?

Windows 7 Service Pack 2 might add Kinect support to Windows 7. Looks like Windows 7 and Windows 8 will get a lot more motion-controlling features!

Windows 7 SP2

When Is the Service Pack going to be Released?

While there is no official release date for the Windows 7 Service Pack 2, there are speculations. It seems that the plan is for the second service pack to be released sometime in mid 2012. Since it has been in development since last 2010, this seems to fit. The Windows 7 operating system was released in 2009 and the first service pack was released in early 2011, so 2012 will be a good time to introduce some new upgrades as well as fix any existing or potential future problems. Hopefully as Microsoft gets closer to completing the service pack, they will announce an official release date.

Windows 7 SP2 With Microsoft Kinect Support?

As we reported, Windows 8 will have a Webcam app and Kinect support

There have been rumors that the new Windows 7 Service Pack 2 will include some sort of Kinect integration. Kinect has been used very successfully on the Xbox 360, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Microsoft bringing it to the PC. Kinect is motion-based, and it could provide new functions to the personal computer such as turning the computer on upon recognizing when you enter the room, using voice commands to do things like open programs, and using gestures to navigate the operating system.

Installing the New Service Pack

When the new Windows 7 Service Pack 2 is released, for most people, it will be automatically downloaded to their computer. This is because most people leave the “automatic updates” option switched on.

If you want to disable automatic Windows updates and don’t want to install Windows 7 SP2 right away, make sure to open the Control Panel, click on Windows Update, click on change settings and select “Download updates but let me choose whether to install them”.

Published: Thursday, May 19th, 2011 Last Modified: May 19, 2011

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