Windows 7 Service Pack 2 Release Date

Windows 7 SP2 Logo We have some release date news for people who are looking forward to the next Windows 7 update, Windows 7 Service Pack 2. Well-known wzor not only gave us the release date for Windows 8, but also for Service Pack 2.

Possible Release Dates

According to wzor, Windows 7 Service Pack 2 is under heavy development since late 2010. The plans are to release Service Pack 2 in mid 2012, together with an update for Windows Server 2008.

  • Service Pack 2 Release Date: Approx. Mid-2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Release Date: Approx. Mid-2012

Windows 7 SP2 Changes (Speculation)

So far we have no information about possible changes in Windows 7 SP2. I am speculating here.

Considering a release date in mid 2012, I assume that Windows 7 SP2 could possibly add Kinect integration for Windows 7. Why do I speculate on that? Well, for starters, Microsoft is keen on making money and the Kinect is a pure 100% money machine. Secondly, some leaked Windows 8 documents show us the concept for a Windows 8 Instant-On mode powered by Kinect. Basically, the Kinect will allow facial recognition and will automatically log you into Windows 7 or Windows 8 when you enter the roon. For more infos and information about the leaked documents, check out the post over at Windows 8 Instant On via Kinect .

I speculate that this could be on their top-priority list and could also be developed for Windows 7 simultaneously. At least it would make sense to add some of the Windows 8 features to Windows 7, at least if Microsoft can make more money from it and the Kinect feature seems to be pretty lucrative from my PoV. Most new features obviously will be Windows 8 exclusive and will not be added to Windows 7.

This post will be updated when there are any new infos about possible Service Pack 2 changes.

Service Pack 2 Screenshots

Recently leaked documents show Windows 8 Build 7867, which was also shown at the CES earlier this year.

We don’t have any screenshots of Windows 7 Service Pack 2 yet. Here’s a leaked screenshot of build 7867, possibly a Windows 8 build.

Windows 7 Service Pack 2 Download

Published: Thursday, January 27th, 2011 Last Modified: January 27, 2011

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