Windows 7 Security Flaw: Zero Day Exploit

Windows 7 security flaw A security researcher of found an exploit in Windows 7 that can be abused to crash systems on a LAN (Local Area Network). The security flaw has been found in the SMB protocol that is responsible for shared access to printers, files, etc. He suggest to turn off file/printer sharing and close all SMB ports.

Experts state that there will probably a couple other security flaws that haven’t been revealed yet. Microsoft is hard at work to release an update that will fix the security flaws.

Disable File/Printer Sharing

Laurence Gaffié, who found the bug in Windows 7, suggests to completely disable the SMB feature and close the ports.
Luckily, the security flaw doesn’t allow hackers to gain access to your system. The biggest threat would be a DOS attack on your PC. Theoretically, many Windows-based servers are at risk, because Windows Server 2008 RC2 can also be exploited that way.

You can read the full report on Gaffié’s blog: Bug report

Hackers cracked Windows 7

Hackers already managed it to bypass the Windows 7 product activation and are now providing pirated copies of Windows 7. Makre sure that you buy from verified sources. You can always run the Windows 7 Genuine test in order to find out if your copy of Windows 7 is genuine.

Genuine Check

Published: Sunday, November 15th, 2009 Last Modified: November 15, 2009

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