Windows 7 Screensaver Installer

I’ve created an installer for the Windows 7 Screensavers. This installer is currently a beta, so please report any problems that you have.

Windows 7 Screensaver Installer

You can download it here.

The installer will auto-start all of the screensaver installers, all you have to do is to click through each installer. I am currently working on an installer that will automatically install all of them and will notify you when it’s done.

You can get a preview of the Windows 7 Screensaver at our Screensaver page. I really like the Matrix screensaver and the 3D World.

If you have any ideas for a cool screensaver, or if you have created some on your own, make sure to submit your ideas and screensaver to our site!

Published: Tuesday, November 24th, 2009 Last Modified: November 24, 2009

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