Windows 7 Resident Evil Theme

This is the best Resident Evil theme ever made, with an Umbrella Start Orb, tons of Resident Wallpaper from RE1-5, Resident Evil icons, cursors and of course a sound theme. Well-worth a download!

Windows 7 Resident Evil Theme

Umbrella Resident Evil Start Button

If there’s one game that significantly influenced the horror genre then it’s the Resident Evil franchise. If you haven’t checked them out yet, here are some pictures of Resident Evil: Afterlife, the next Resident Evil movie. You should also check out the Resident Evil books. Order all books from S.D. Perry and ignore the rest (I’ve read them all, so I know). Anyway, let’s check out this Resident Evil desktop theme!

Resident Evil Desktop Icons

We have included a bunch of nice icons from the first movie (still the best one of the series, don’t you think?)

Resident Evil Desktop Icons

Resident Evil Wallpaper

The full Windows 7 theme includes more than 50 Resident Evil Wallpapers for your Windows 7 desktop!

And if you own multiple monitors, we have some special goodies for you:

Exclusive Resident Evil Dual-Monitor Wallpaper

Resident Evil Dual Screen Wallpaper

Resident Evil: Umbrella Start button

In order to install this button on Windows 7 please read our install guides on this subject. You may end up locking yourself out, if you incorrectly replace the explorer.exe. Find out more

I converted the Umbrella icon into a Windows 7 Start button! The Umbrella corporation logo is probably the most iconic Resident Evil logo:

Resident Evil Umbrella Start Button

Resident Evil Cursors

Cursors have the file extension *.cur and when you apply a theme they should auto-apply them upon activation – if you want to further customize them, save the cur files and modify them directly

The Resident Evil Windows 7 theme includes new cursors that will fit to the red desktop theme.

Resident Evil Cursors

Umbrella Logo Screensaver

One of the most iconic icons of the Resident Evil franchise is the umbrella logo. We have added a screensaver to this Windows 7 theme with a rotating Umbrella logo

Umbrella Logo Screensaver

Download Resident Evil Theme for Windows 7

The theme has small border padding and pretty small caption buttons (close, minimize, maximize).
Windows 7 Resident Evil Theme

Download Windows 7 Resident Evil Theme

Resident Evil Sounds

Listen to the sound theme, with some of the most iconic Resident Evil sounds:

Published: Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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