Windows 7 Release Date Leaked?

According to ZDnet it is going to be the  23rd of October. Vice-president Massimo D’Angelo of Acer told David Meyer ( ZDnet UK) that their new “All-in-one” PC would go on sale that day – including Windows 7 technology.

Here’s the full story.

So, when are you going to buy Windows 7 ?

We have a poll running (you can find it on the bottom of the sidebar), please vote and let us know when you plan to buy it!

The results of our last poll? 115 out of 207 voters think that Windows 7 is a very convincing beta. 40 beta-testers decided that it was a pretty good job for a beta.

21 people see great potential in Windows 7, while 15 of our voters were greatly surprised that Windows 7 turned out to be better than they expected.

10 gurus are more than convinced that Windows 7 should have been Vista SE and 6 linux geeks claim Windows 7 is a complete fail.

Published: Sunday, May 10th, 2009 Last Modified: June 18, 2009

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