Windows 7 RC2 is a fake!

Many sites report that a Windows 7 RC2 is about to be released on June 11.
Even fell for this bad joke and posted two videos of  RC2.

Obviously, all of this is a fake. Microsoft clearly stated that there will be no RC2.

Here are parts of the fake changelog:

– Taskbar can now lock any program
– Dynamic Mouse-over effects for all taskbar icons
– New Aero Diamond Theme
– Feature: Change the login screen background
– More Aero Glass effects
– Support for one-click upload of photos, videos, documents, etc to sites like Facebook and Imageshack (sites will be configurable)
– WinFS filesystem will replace NTFS
– .net framework support for the Explorer for enhanced performance
– Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish keyboard settings will be integrated (by default?)

Just one quote from Wikipedia will show you that all of this is a great fake:

WinFS was billed as one of the pillars of the “Longhorn” wave of technologies, and would ship as part of the next version of Windows. It was subsequently decided that WinFS would ship after the release of Windows Vista, but those plans were shelved in June 2006, with some of its component technologies being integrated into upcoming releases of ADO.NET and Microsoft SQL Server.[3]

For all of you who don’t know it, Longhorn was once the codename for Windows 7 Vista.

Fake Changelog:

You can find the fake changelog on this chinese site:

Fake Videos of RC2

Published: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009 Last Modified: June 18, 2009

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