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Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes Rainmeter is a handy app for tweaking your desktop. If you want additional information (and I’m not only talking about displaying IP or MAC Address on your desktop) on your desktop and customizable skins, then Rainmeter is for you.

>> Useful << Information at a glance.

Rainmeter Themes: Information at a glance

Windows 7 Rainmeter  Themes 1

(Image: Default Rainmeter theme Enigma – Full Screen)

Basically, Rainmeter can display anything: RSS feeds, streams, e-Mails, weather, memory, network usage, IP’s, notes, power usage, twitter accounts.

Why Should I Use Windows 7 Rainmeter  Themes?

So, what’s the deal? This package of 14 Windows 7 Aero Gadgets can do all that for me that and list useful information right on my desktop. Rainmeter is more than just information. Everything on your desktop is highly customizable and the open-source language of Rainmeter allows you to create your very own Windows 7 Rainmeter themes! The language is supposed to be really easy to learn, so that you will be creating your own Rainmeter themes and skin in no time! Sounds good, eh?

Rainmeter: Not perfect, but close…
Ok, some of the Rainmeter configurations are too nested and hidden here and there and desktop gadgets can not be removed that easily (you have to deactivate each Rainmeter gadget from a nested submenu), but once you setup Rainmeter it’s definitely one of the best tools out there to customize your Windows 7 desktop!

Some Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes

Take a peek at some desktop screenshots of 2 Rainmeter themes.

Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 2
Full Screen
Windows 7 Rainmeter Themes 3
Full Screen

Download Windows 7 Rainmeter

Download Rainmeter

Published: Tuesday, March 30th, 2010 Last Modified: May 21, 2011

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