Happy Birthday PACMAN! Here’s a Birthday theme!

Pacman turned 33 a couple days ago, Happy B-Day! Grab this Windows 7 theme after the break

Happy Birthday PACMAN

Back in 1980 Pacman was released in Japan (where else?) by a company called Namco Bandai Games. The same year it was launched in the USA and became one of the most successful arcade games EVER. The name Pacman was inspired by the Japanese phrase paku-paku, which stands for opening the mouth widely and then close it again.. well simply what Pacman does.

The Pacman game on the Google homepage in 2010:

Pacman Game

To celebrate the 30th anniversary Google put one of the most successful coin-operated game in history on their site, here’s the Pacman Windows 7 theme with some Pacman Wallpapers and sounds!

Pacman theme

Download Windows 7 Pacman Theme + Pacman Sounds

Download Windows 7 Pacman Theme

Published: Sunday, May 26th, 2013 Last Modified: May 26, 2013

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