Cute Windows 7 Tan Nanami Madobe Theme

Do you love Anime? We’re about to create a bunch of new Anime Windows 7 Themes. Nanami Madobe is a cute Anime character that some of our readers like. You, too?

Nanami Anime Desktop Theme

Who is Nanami Madobe and who are the OS-tan?

So, what’s Nanami Madobe and the OS-tan? Some Japanese artists were not satisfied with Windows ME and described it as their troublesome girl – the idea of OS-tan was born! The first interactive Flash animation for Windows was a huge success, called “Trouble Windows”. Fans of the OS-tan then ported it over to English animations. To honor this work, the very first 7777 copies of Japanese Windows 7 Ultimate DSP editions included the Nanami Madobe theme, a set based on a character called Nanami Madobe.

There is one OS-tan for every Windows version, but also one for Mac OS X and Linux:


Linux OS Tan




Vista OS Tan

Windows 2000

Windows 2000 OS Tan

Windows 98

Windows 98 OS Tan

Windows ME

Windows ME OS Tan

Windows XP

Windows XP OS Tan

Nanami Madobe Sounds:

Especially the Nanami Madobe sounds are cute! Here’s a preview of 3 cute Nanami sounds:


Default Beep

Change theme

Sora Tan Windows 7 Nanami Gadget

Sora Tan, one of the OS-tan, will be on your desktop from time to time. Tan only speaks Korean, but it’s still very cute. The gadget can be installed easily with a few clicks (instructions below). Here’s what it will look like on your Windows 7 desktop:

Nanami Madobe Tan Windows 7 App

Open the SoraTan folder and double-click on the file SoraTan.exe to make her appear on the desktop

Nanami Madobe Windows 7 Wallpapers:

Download Nanami Madobe Windows 7 Theme

Nanami Madobe Windows 7 Theme

Download Nanami Madobe Windows 7 Theme

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Filename Version 1.0
Windows Version Theme Supported?
Windows 7 Basic Partially (Extract It)
Windows 7 Home Yes Tick.png
Windows 7 Home Premium Yes Tick.png
Windows 7 Pro Yes Tick.png
Windows 7 Ultimate Yes Tick.png
Windows 8 (All Versions) Yes Tick.png
Windows 10 (All Versions) Yes Tick.png
Published: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 Last Modified: April 12, 2015

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