Windows 7 more secure than MAC OS X!

If someone would tell you that Windows 7 is more secure than a MAC, what would you say? Would you agree or disagree? Whitehat Hacker Marc Maiffret, chief security architect for FireEye, says that Windows 7 is more secure than Apple’s MAC OS X “Snow Leopard”.

Windows 7 More secure than MAC

In an interview with CNET he says:

[Apple has] really only begun in the last six months or so taking security seriously and understanding that it impacts their business in a serious way.

The reason that many believe that a MAC is more secure than a PC is that you don’t hear as often about security vulnerabilities and hacker attacks. Maiffret explains that the market share of MAC is so low that you barely hear people complain and you rarely hear about a MAC being attacked. Another reason is that Apple is trying to market their MAC as a secure alternative to PC’s, but Maiffret underlines that they shouldn’t.

Many unknown MAC vulnerabilities?

Marc states that the Apple community is pretty ignorant about possible security risks involving MAC’s. Nobody would care to find the many security vulnerabilities of MAC OS X right now, but during hacking contests hackers would be able to find new vulnerabilities within a few hours.

According to Maiffret, the biggest security threats would involve desktop apps like Adobe’s Creative Suite. It would simply take too long before vulnerabilities that have been found are fixed.

You can read the full interview over at CNET.

Published: Saturday, April 17th, 2010 Last Modified: April 17, 2010

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