Windows 7 Monster Hunter Theme

Monster Hunter, a very old game franchise, is alive again, thanks to Capcom. On the Wii there are millions of Monster Hunter fans again. Here’s the Windows 7 theme for all of you!

Windows 7 monster-hunter Theme

If you own a Wii and haven’t played Monster Hunter Tri yet, make sure to pick up a copy somewhere. This is one of the best Wii games that has been made EVER. Capcom really done a great job here.

Monster Hunter Wallpaper

Plenty of amazing monster-hunter desktop wallpaper are included in the Monster Hunter Windows 7 theme:

Monster Hunter Windows 7 Desktop Icons

The Windows 7 Monster Hunter theme also comes with new icons. We’ll add a new Start orb soon.

monster hunter Desktop Icons

Download Windows 7 Monster Hunter Theme

The Monster Hunter theme can be downloaded below. Do you have any requests for other Windows 7 themes? Let us know.

Monster Hunter Windows 7 Themes

Download Windows 7 Monster Hunter Theme

To install the Monster Hunter Windows 7 theme on Vista, please read our tutorials and extract the contents of the theme.

Published: Saturday, August 14th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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