Windows 7 Market Share Chart: Nov’09

Ok, let’s do a recap: Windows 7 broke all sales records on Amazon and Microsoft reported that they sold the most copies ever in one quarter.

Windows 7 Market Share Chart
(Market Share Windows 7 November 2009: 4%)

Windows 7 gains a market share of 2% per month and now finally surpassed the 6% mark in December.

A web metrics firm is collecting data via the web to gather information about the market share of Windows 7. Their data is based on information collected from 160 million unique visitors each month.

You can find the latest reports at

Windows 7 Market Share Chart

In November 2009, 69% of all internet users use Windows XP, 18% use Windows Vista and 4% Windows 7. Now in December, Windows 7 finally passed the 5% mark. In comparison, MAC OS X only had a market share of about 2,6% in November 2009 and their share is even dropping slightly.

Actually, it’s not very surprising that Windows Vista has a market share of almost 20%, but what surprised me is the fact that Linux takes only 1% of the market share, I expected it to be a little bit higher with all the linux distributions out there.

We will be looking at the Windows 7 market share in a month again. A lot of people buy a new PC for Christmas or for the new year, so the market share of Windows 7 might increase by another 2-4% in January 2010. The question is, when will Windows 7 surpass the market share of Windows Vista?

Any predictions?

Published: Thursday, December 17th, 2009 Last Modified: December 17, 2009

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