Windows 7 Mario Theme [2017 Update]

Windows 7 Mario Theme You’re a Mario fan and can’t wait to get your hands on Super Mario Galaxy 2? Then download our Windows 7 Mario theme with the best backgrounds!

Who’s Luigi anyway?: Luigi’s Mansion was released a while back, if you want some more up-to-date wallpapers, also download this theme
Mario is simply epic. Nintendo can always surprise us with some new innovative gameplay ideas. The last Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii is a best-seller and clearly underlines that the Mario franchise is one of the most popular out there! Well, who can resist that small, sympathetic Italian plumber?

1 Mario Wallpaper

Many great Mario wallpaper for Windows 7 are included in this Mario Theme:

Mario Icons

Luigi and Mario, the Super Mario Bros are right on your desktop. The icons will be automatically installed on Windows 7 after double-clicking on the .themepack file.

Windows 7 Mario Icons

2 Mario Start Button

Before you attempt to install make sure you know how to restore the original Start button. Read our guide

A tiny Toad will become your new Start button in our theme:
Mario Start Button

Mario Cursors

Of course, the legendary Mario cursor is included in our Windows 7 Mario theme. The cursors will also install automatically on Windows 7 once you apply the theme.
Mario Windows 7 Cursors

3 Download Windows 7 Mario Theme

Download the Mario Theme for Windows 7 here:
Windows 7 Mario Theme

Download Windows 7 Mario Theme

Mario Sounds

It’s A Me…Mario! Some classic Mario sounds on your PC, perfectly themed:

Filename Version 1.2
Windows Version Theme Supported?
Windows 7 Basic Partially (Extract It)
Windows 7 Home Yes Tick.png
Windows 7 Home Premium Yes Tick.png
Windows 7 Pro Yes Tick.png
Windows 7 Ultimate Yes Tick.png
Windows 8 (All Versions) Yes Tick.png
Windows 10 (All Versions) Yes Tick.png
Published: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 Last Modified: May 3, 2017

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