The Perfect Windows 7 Mac OS Theme

So, how do you make the perfect Windows 7 Mac OS Theme? There are plenty of gadgets and tools that you need for the perfect Mac OS X Theme that will give Windows 7 the ultimate look and feel of a Mac. This tutorial will show you the best way and will get you a Mac Dock, MAC features and a Mac OS Theme for Windows 7!

Windows 7 Mac OS Theme

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Mac OS Features on Windows 7

First, to turn Windows 7 into a Mac, you’ll want to make sure that your Windows 7 PC has all the nice Mac OS X features. You don’t want to miss those on your PC, do you? To complete our Windows 7 Mac OS X Theme, you’ll need to download the tool maComfort!

Windows 7 Mac OS Features

maComfort enables active corners in Windows 7, one of those Mac OS X features that is a must-have! It will also allow you to use all the Mac OS shortcuts in Windows 7. It’s a great app for our theme to increase your productivity as well.

Mac OS Theme Features

Link: Mac OS X features on Windows 7

MAC OS Dock on Windows 7

For the ultimate Mac OS Windows 7 Theme, you will also need the Mac dock! The Mac dock is the the icing on the cake of our theme and will make your Windows 7 PC look just like Mac with Mac OS X installed.

Windows 7 MAC OS Dock

This Mac OS dock is the perfect extension for our Mac OS X Theme. You can drag any shortcuts on it and customize the dock icons (I’ll add some MAC icons soon).

Link: Mac OS X Dock on Windows 7

Windows 7 Mac OS Theme

Finally, there’s the actual Windows 7 Mac OS Theme! This is the heart of our theme and will make your Windows 7 PC look so much hotter!

Download Windows 7 Mac OS Theme

Published: Sunday, April 4th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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