Windows 7 GTA 4 Theme

GTA is your favorite game? If so, download this complete Windows 7 GTA 4 theme!

Windows 7 GTA 4 Theme GTA 4 Start Orb 1

GTA 4 and 5 were immensely successful for publisher Rockstar Games, so it’s likely they will release a successor, namely GTA 6, sooner or later. However, unlike Ubisoft and Activision it does not like like they have any ambition to create an annual game franchise, nor should they.

GTA 4 Wallpaper

This Windows 7 theme includes over 10 HD wallpapers in a great resolution.

GTA 4 Start Orb

Always take care when replacing the explorer.exe files and create a backup – you should also be aware of how to properly restore it using the command prompt

I’ve created two different Start orbs for the theme, one of Niko and one of the GTA IV logo:
GTA 4 Start Orb 1
GTA 4 Start Orb 2

GTA 4 Icons

The desktop icons: Niko, GTA 4 logo, Brucie and Sniper

GTA 4 Icons

Download Windows 7 GTA 4 Theme

If you download the GTA 4 theme, make sure you check the option “Allow themes to change desktop icons” or the theme won’t change them. Also make sure that you are not on Windows 7 starter, because that version does not support Windows 7 themes at all.

Windows 7 GTA 4 Theme

Download Windows 7 GTA4 Theme

Also included in the GTA 4 theme are GTA 4 sounds.

Published: Sunday, August 8th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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