Windows 7 Games Explorer Editor

Have you been using the Windows 7 Games Explorer? The Games explorer allows you to manage/start your games and also gives you additional information about the index score that is needed to run a game properly. This is a brief guide that will show you how to add new games to the Games Explorer.

Windows 7 Games Explorer Editor

Especially the gaming scores come in handy if you want to know if you have to upgrade your PC for your new games:

Windows 7 Game Explorer Index Scores

You can also check for new game updates through the Windows 7 Games Explorer, simply right-click on any game and click on “Check online for updates”.

Unfortunately, the games explorer does not automatically add all games on your system, but you can manually add all of your games with a few simple tricks.

Add New Games to Games Explorer

A great tool to add new games to the Windows 7 Games Explorer is the Game Explorer Editor.

Download Game Explorer Editor

Start the editor and you will be able to add publisher information, box art and of course the .exe file. You only have to add the .exe file, everything else is optional.

This tool would even be better if there was an auto-scanner that automatically searches for your games (much like Xfire) and then fetches the box art via web, but it’s still a beta, maybe they’ll work on that!

Windows 7 Game Explorer Editor

You can find new box art for your games at

Published: Friday, December 11th, 2009 Last Modified: December 11, 2009

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