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If you haven’t noticed it yet, we are updating this site every day. New themes are added every week, new posts every day.
We have plenty of good tutorials on our site that will help you to get started with Windows 7.
For example: How to install 3rd-party Windows 7 Themes
We’ve added a feedburner subscription form (on the right!) that will allow you to subscribe to new posts via mail.
We have also finnally found a sponsor for this site that will hopefully allow us to get rid of the annoying surveys.

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Feedburner is a Google-powered service that will send you a mail with a summary of new posts. If you like the headline, you can easily click through and read the full article on our website.

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Windows 7 Support Forum

Aside from that we have a support forum. The forum is growing every day, so you will find plenty of people to talk about Windows 7 and desktop customization.

Windows 7 Support Forums

Published: Monday, November 16th, 2009 Last Modified: November 16, 2009

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