Windows 7 Film Festival

Microsoft sponsored a 72-hour film festival in Seattle. 17 teams gave their best to win the contest.
There were only three requirements for every film:

1. Use or mention a Windows 7 PC as a prop.
2. Feature a character named CIO Wiggins.
3. Include the line, “The guys in IT are going to like this.”

The winners received $3000 (7 Beat), $2000 (Parkour) and six more films received $500 each.

7 Beat

Untitled (Parkour)

“W7 vs. Captain Virus”

Journey to Wiggins

Bill and Paul’s Excellent Adventure

Metropolitan Detail

IT Bud

Don’t Quote Me on This


Oh my god. Period. Prepare to rofl:

Published: Sunday, November 8th, 2009 Last Modified: November 8, 2009

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