Windows 7 EVE Online Theme

So, what’s better Star Trek Online or EVE Online? If you’d say EVE Online is better then download our Windows 7 EVE Online theme!

Windows 7 Eve Online Theme Eve Online Start Button

EVE Online is of those MMO’s that built up quite a fellowship. Although it’s already 7 years old, there are still thousands of EVE Online players out there. If you still enjoy EVE online, you’ll also enjoy this theme with unique EVE Wallpapers, Icons, Start Buttons and Sounds.

EVE Online Wallpaper

If you want EVE on your desktop, you can choose from loads of EVE Online Wallpapers.

EVE Online Desktop Icons

Several EVE Online desktop icons make this desktop theme very unique.
Eve Online Desktop Icons

EVE Online Start Button

The EVE Online logo is the start button of this Windows 7 theme:
Eve Online Start Button

Download Windows 7 EVE Online Theme

Download the EVE Online Theme for Windows 7 here:
Windows 7 Eve Online Theme

Download Windows 7 EVE Online Theme

Published: Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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