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I wrote a 15-page eBook about Windows 7 – I called it “The Ultimate Windows 7 eBook”.

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It’s the best *free* ebook out there that you will find. If you want to know what it’s all about read the description below.

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eBook Contents

Page 1: Index
Page 2: Disclaimer

Disable/Enable Section

Page 3: Disable Windows 7 Hibernation
Page 4: Disable Windows 7 Indexing
Page 8: Enable DreamScene in Windows 7!
Page 9: Enable Hidden Administrator Account
Page 16: Enable/Disable hidden files in Windows 7

Media Player Section

Page 5: Windows Media Player Security Component Upgrade Fix (DRM)

Hardware Section

Page 6-7: Two Windows 7 CPU Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Speed Up Section

Page 10: Speed Up Windows 7 Boot
Page 11-12: Speed up Windows 7 Taskbar Thumbnail Preview
Page 13: Speed Up Windows 7 Shutdown Time
Page 15: Speed Up Application Access – Increase your productivity

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Published: Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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