Windows 7 Crysis Theme

Here’s the ultimate Crysis Windows 7 theme. This theme includes icons, sounds, wallpapers, screensaver and a cool Start orb for your desktop!

Windows 7 crysis Theme crysis Start Button

Make sure to check out the latest Crysis 2 gameplay trailer on our site. (Link will be added shortly)

Crysis Wallpaper (HD + Dual Screen)

We collected a lot of wallpapers for this wallpaper, most of them come in full HD quality and some of them can even be used for dual-screen setups. So, if you still need a nice dual-monitor theme, the Crysis theme is the way to go!

Crysis Desktop Icons

The desktop icons of the theme:

crysis Desktop Icons

Crysis Start Button

I created a Crysis Start Orb for Windows 7. The big red button is pretty impressive on a black background:

crysis Start Button

Download Windows 7 Crysis Theme

If you have any wishes what else should be included in the theme, please let us know! A Crysis sound theme is also part of the themepack file. Some of the best Crysis quotes are included.

Windows 7 Crysis Theme

Download Windows 7 Crysis Theme

Published: Sunday, June 27th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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