Windows 7 Commercial on TV

Ok, if you are living in the US you might have already seen it. I’m talking about the Windows 7 commercials on TV.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of those commercials. In the very first spot they showed on TV they combined some quotes from popular sites like ZDNet, a random Chinese girl “Kylie”, “cute” animals (rabbit, unicorn, cat) and “The Final Countdown” from Queen. What the hell? A disaster!

First Windows 7 Commercial (Sept.10th)

Windows 7 Commercial Quotes

Here are the quotes they used for their commcercial:

  • With Windows 7 the OS is great again. – Gizmodo
  • Windows 7 offers a massive leap forward – Maximum PC
  • Windows 7 is snappy and responsive – ZDNet
  • Windows 7 is …stable, smooth and highly polished. -CNET

Seriously, why would they combine quotes from sites only “geeks” know with cute animals and a child?
This spot is not working at all. Who’s supposed to be the target group here?

I liked most of the commercials they made this year, but this one is really bad. Yet, I believe they made it that way with the intention of boosting Windows 7 discussions. The commercial has over 1400 comments on YouTube!

Second Windows 7 Commercial

There’s a 2nd part of the commercial. Kylie is creating another slideshow (she created a slideshow in the first spot):

Published: Sunday, September 27th, 2009 Last Modified: September 27, 2009

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