Windows 7 Characters Theme: Artists

If you have been wondering who the artists are that created the Windows 7 default themes like the characters theme, here’s a list
of the artists.

Windows 7 Characters Themes

Some readers have asked me who the artist is that created the “crazy” characters in the characters theme (see above)

A media agency called punga from Buenos Aires, Argentina created the characters. For more information visit

Artists Who Created Other Default Windows 7 Themes

  • Yuko Kondo
  • Katharina Leuzinger
  • Osmand Nosse
  • Klaus Haapaniemi
  • Chris Sickles of Red Nose Studios
  • Punga
  • Pomme Chan
  • Kustaa Saksi
  • Paul Hwang and Benjamin Lee of Nanosphere
  • Adhemas Batista
  • Kai and Sunny
  • Nan Na Hvass
Published: Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 Last Modified: July 5, 2011

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