Windows 7 Build 7057 Screenshots + Logon Screen inside

The new Windows 7 EULA refers to the build 7057 as “Release Candidate 1.” Finally the moment has come to say goodbye beta, hello RC! This build has been compiled on “March 5, 2009”.

One thing that impressed me is the improved “Windows 7 Vault” that will allow you to manage online identities. That will make logging into websites a lot easier, because your data can be stored locally without the need of cookies, which you want to delete from time to time.

Microsoft also improved the sort features of the music library. You can now sort tracks by artists.
Windows 7 will also make sharing data between your PC and bluetooth devices a lot easier.
Printers will now be added through a simple search query, which will finally allow a hassle-free printer installation.

This time Microsoft also added new user icons and themes.

Source: Neowin

Published: Sunday, March 15th, 2009 Last Modified: June 18, 2009

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