Windows 7 Beta 1 download

Some of you might already know it, the Windows 7 beta 1 has been leaked. Couple of days ago Microsoft even added a broken download link to the beta on the following page.

Various torrent sites offer a fake Windows 7 beta that might be infected with trojans and viruses! Don’t be a fool and download without thinking.

This is the valid file:

File: 7000.0.081212-1400_client_en-us_Ultimate-GB1CULFRE_EN_DVD.iso
Size: 2618793984 bytes
MD5: f9dce6ebd0a63930b44d8ae802b63825
SHA1: 607118428B2156FF61CDC5260545CO78CCA31EE

The following sites offer a valid torrent to download Windows 7 Beta 1 ISO.
Note: Download at your own risk.

Always make sure to do a MD5 Hash check after you download a torrent and compare the file sizes as well. If you don’t know how to do a Hash check, then download this little tool.

Rumors say that there will be a “public” beta in January.

If you want to participate and send bug reports to Microsoft, you got to take a short survey (Source)

Participant Survey Links

Participant Survey Part 1 –

Participant Survey Part 2 –

Participant Survey Part 3 –

Published: Sunday, December 28th, 2008 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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