Free Windows 7 3D Graffiti Theme

Windows 7 Graffiti Theme Like spraying graffiti with a spay can or Photoshop? Here’s the first official Windows 7 Graffiti Theme! Included are some of the best 3D Graffiti Wallpaper from GraffitiTechnica and a stylish graffiti Start Orb.

If you don’t know the site yet and you like Graffitis, check out

Graffiti Wallpapers

Graffiti Start Button

Considering that there are so many Graffiti artists who are creating Graffiti digitally, I decided to add a Photoshop graffiti icon. You’ll also find a spray can icon in the package, but it’s still work in progress.

Graffiti Start Menu Button

Download Graffiti Windows 7 Theme

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Download Windows 7 Graffiti Theme

Published: Friday, March 5th, 2010 Last Modified: April 13, 2015

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