Windows 10 Weather Apps Can’t Compare To Wecond

Viewing the weather in your area means you either are loading up a website, viewing a Windows 10 app, or going to your phone for the latest updates. Now, a Windows 10 app named Wecond makes the weather more interactive.

Wecond is a $0.99 Windows 10 app on the Windows Store, and its made by Lmond LLC. It is one of the most beautiful weather apps I’ve seen on the Windows 10 system, and well worth the $1.

View Advanced Weather Features Using Recond

App Features

Wecond really takes the interactive weather experience to a new level. It gives you all your weather needs in a simple package, and lets the user view weather forecasts and current conditions anytime they want.

Inside the app, the user can choose the ‘My Location’ feature, and get real-time updates, and add additional locations anywhere they want. It also includes advanced forecast features, doppler radar updates & more.

See advanced Forcasts With City Landscapes With Wecond

Advanced, Interactive & VR

The simple weather app this is not, and judging by the ability to track the current phases of the sun & moon should give you that notice. It’s a beautifully made app, and is a remarkable weather app.

The app has recently been updated to allow for Windows Mixed Reality support, live tile support, ways to pin custom tiles, and ways to download city landscapes. If you want a great weather app, this is one to try out.

Wecond is available today for $0.99 on the Windows Store. For under $1, it makes for a must-have weather app.

Published: Thursday, January 4th, 2018 Last Modified: January 4, 2018

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