Windows 10 Update Removes ESET Antivirus

Anyone who has been using a computer for sometime, will have an antivirus on their system running to keep their system safe. ESET is one of the larger ones, and users who updated their systems with the November Windows 10 update, might have found themselves without it.

According to many reports coming out since the launch of the November Windows 10 update, users are finding that certain versions of the ESET antivirus were removed by the update. This could be very troublesome for users with ESET installed on their systems.

ESET's Older Antivirus Products No Match For Windows 10 November Update

ESET Products Involved

The number reports indicate that users of the older versions of ESET Endpoint Virtus, Endpoint Security, Nod32 Antivirus, and Smart Security are finding themselves stuck. The Build 1511 update to Windows 10, removed them from the operating system.

These versions of ESET’s products are apparently no longer compatible with Windows 10, and came with no warning to Windows users. Users with these versions of the ESET products, found themselves with the Windows Defender product installed instead of ESET’s.

Microsoft's Windows 10 November Update Kills ESET Products

What Happened?

Not a lot has been said by ESET or Microsoft with this removal, but ESET came out with a one sentence statement. They stated that Microsoft changed their rules for detection of compatible applications. This means that ESET and Microsoft are not getting along.

One would think that Microsoft no longer trusts ESET’s set of antivirus products, or could be an accident. ESET did issue a fix for users to install before upgrading to Windows 10, so it appears ESET might have known troubles were coming down the path for them and Microsoft.

If you had ESET’s older products, don’t install the newest Windows 10 update. Otherwise, you might get Windows Defender and might not like it.

Published: Tuesday, November 17th, 2015 Last Modified: November 17, 2015

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