Windows 10 To Play FLAC and MKV Files Natively

As newer releases of the upcoming Windows 10 software are done on an almost weekly basis, the new features of the upcoming Windows release are being apparent. One of those focusing on more unique video and audio needs came out on Friday, pleasing those looking for support of FLAC and MKV files.

The Windows 10 Insider Twitter page on Friday leaked a screen shot that the upcoming Windows 10 will support playing of MKV and FLAC files natively. While these files are generally requested by those who want high-end audio and video formats, it means third party plug-ins won’t be required.

Microsoft To Support MKV and FLAC Support With Windows 10

MKV and FLAC Support

The screen shot was released on Friday by Microsoft’s Gabriel Aul, and he the head of Microsoft’s Insider Program. The screen shot indicated that Windows 10 was going to support MKV and FLAC support on its own, without the need of plug-ins. These file formats will play nicely in Windows Media Player according to the Tweet.

The MKV format is one that many high-end video lovers enjoy, and those who obtain videos on torrent sites. It’s a specialized format that hasn’t been fully supported in the past. The FLAC format though, is a super high-end audio format, and one that audio enthusiasts love. Now, with WMP support, this means more can enjoy it as well.

Microsoft's Chief Insider Promotes MKV and FLAC Support With Windows 10

Why Now Add Support?

Many are wondering why Microsoft would now add support for FLAC and MKV, and now have them natively added in the previous versions of Windows. Microsoft has looked at user requests and are trying to make Windows 10 the perfect operating system for all users. These formats might be for enthusiasts, but they are requested.

This also means that third party apps which might conflict with Windows will no longer be needed, thus making Windows a more stable operating system. By natively supporting FLAC and MKV, Windows Media Player can play them when needed, and keep the system going, without any bugs and errors from plug-ins.

MKV and FLAC support is a good thing for Windows 10. I can’t wait to try it out soon.

Published: Monday, December 1st, 2014 Last Modified: December 1, 2014

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